Hi, I’m Sam! Welcome to Syd With Sam.

A place for you to get a different view of what’s on in the bustling city of Sydney.
As well as acting as a city guide, expect to see several other aspects of my lifestyle in this city – including style posts, talk about trends, reviews of events, and discussions about the art and culture that surrounds us in this rich and diverse city. If you ever feel overwhelmed with choice about what to do on the weekend in Sydney, or you wish you could find more things to appreciate about where you live, this is the blog for you.

Chai Tea in Sydney
Chai Tea in Sydney

More about me, and why I care so much about Sydney:
I live in the south of Sydney, slightly different to the busy inner city CBD – but ever since I was a child I’ve loved getting out and about on weekends, getting that train to the city and seeing everything it has to offer. I think it’s very important to experience different cities and cultures, but living in a big city like Sydney with a large and diverse population, you’d be surprised how much you can experience while staying within the bounds of one city! Not everyone can afford to travel, but we can all learn to appreciate where we are. And that’s what I love reminding people of, hopefully encouraging you to explore your city and see it with the same wonder you would if you were visiting from another country.


Not everything will be CBD based, I plan to include as many places in Sydney as possible in my posts.
If you have any suggestions about a place I should check out, or questions about somewhere I’ve been, feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts or send me an e-mail. 🙂