Beautifully Easy Bookings With Vaniday

We all want to feel beautiful, and I know that I feel my best when I look my best.
Having glowing skin and freshly done hair can really help put some extra spring in your step.

I’ve long loved all things beauty related, so as you can imagine, I was super excited when I was recently approached by Vaniday (a beauty and wellness booking service) to talk about my experience of their awesome website and app. Vaniday have created a service that allows you to choose from a variety of beauty spas and salons in your area and book them online straight from your phone, tablet or computer.

Using Vaniday you can book in hair, nails, makeup, facials, spa treatments, and even acupuncture. They also have men’s treatments including barber shaves, beard trimming and facials for men. There’s even a whole salon dedicated to men’s aesthetic needs at the Man Cave, in Sydney CBD.

My experience booking on Vaniday

When I first visited Vaniday’s website, I was impressed with the sheer amount of options, not only in Sydney’s CBD, but all over Sydney! I was pleasantly surprised that they also have salons available near where I live, with places available in Miranda and Cronulla.
Their website and app are beautifully designed and both function very well from my experience.

I loved looking through all the different types of beauty treatments available in my area; before finding Vaniday I mostly had no idea about what was available locally and where to go. The review system on Vaniday makes it easy to see if a place is trustworthy and well liked by people, which is helpful if you’re new to a particular place, or new to beauty treatments in general.

Booking on the app or website is quick and easy, it only takes 3 steps:
1. Search by treatment &/or location to find salons in your area
2. Choose your service and select a booking date & time
3. Receive your confirmation and show up at the right time
And that’s it!

One small thing to note, is that your booking on Vaniday is a request to book in at that time, not yet finalised until you receive confirmation from Vaniday that the salon or spa is actually available at your selected time. I had to change my appointment a few times due to one spa being fully booked for a day and another spa being on holidays, but that is to be expected when dealing with busy spas. If you do have to cancel and re-schedule an appointment, rest assured that Vaniday have great customer service and will be sure to sort out any issues promptly, like they did with me.

After looking through all the different treatments, I decided that I wanted to go for a facial. I had never had one before, so I was mostly excited but also a little nervous. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, because my experience at Pure Harmony was harmonious indeed.

Pure Harmony Medi Spa, Cronulla

Though there were a lot of amazing looking Spas in the CBD, I wanted to visit somewhere more local to me. Cronulla is a beautiful beach suburb – the perfect place to visit a spa. Unfortunately Cronulla doesn’t shine it’s brightest in Winter, and the gloomy weather prevented me from getting a good photo of the spa. From the moment I arrived at Pure Harmony, it was easy to forget all about the cold Winter outside; everything about the place encouraged relaxation. This being my first facial, I thought something quick and simple would be the best way to go – so I went for the Express Facial.

The session started off with some questions about what my main skin concerns were, to which I replied with my worries about some acne and scarring on one side of my face. This affected how the session went and which products she used, which was great. My skin reacted sensitively to some products, so those were quickly swapped out with more gentle ones. I was also recommended to try out another treatment at the spa that specialises in eliminating acne. They gave me an informative print out all about their Acne Therapy (which I will likely be trying out soon!).

Below is my bare face a day after the facial, feeling much more hydrated than usual.

I had my skin cleansed and exfoliated, followed by face masks being brushed on and then washed off with warm towels. After the facial was over, my skin was left feeling super clean and refreshed. It was great! After such a positive first-facial experience, I would recommend everyone to try out a facial at least once. And if you live near Cronulla, definitely check out Pure Harmony.

Sydney has an overwhelming amount of different salons and treatments, ranging from crazy expensive to actually affordable. One of the great things about Vaniday is that they have lots of special promotions and discounts. You get $10 off your first booking when you create a new account, and you can also search by promotions, or filter results by lowest price – highest price (an excellent website feature).

I’ve always believed that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good, but as I’ve gotten older (and honestly, a little tired of home-made beauty treatments that can yield less than stellar results), I’ve been learning to just trust the professionals. After all, they’re trained at making you feel pampered and beautiful, and if you find a good spa, you’ll definitely leave feeling that way.

Whether you’re new to the salon/spa scene, or you’re already a regular, Vaniday has a way to help you make life just that little bit easier, by putting all your beauty bookings in the same place.
I think that their website and app are both excellent, and I’ll definitely be using them again.

Disclaimer: Vaniday asked me to write an article about my experience with their service and provided me with a gift card for part payment of the treatment of my choosing. All opinions stated in the article are my own.  

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