Bourke St Bakery – A Sydney Success Story

Bourke Street Bakery could be considered king of Sydney’s bakery scene. They have their own recipe book, catering service, bread making masterclasses, and have 11 successful stores across Sydney. What sets this bakery apart is their dedication to the craft of baking and their passion for using the best quality ingredients.

From humble beginnings in 2004, Bourke Street Bakery was started by two chefs with a joint plan to open a cafe/bakery where good quality, hand made food would set them apart from other bakeries. The bakery has since become well known for items like their artisanal sourdough, their pork and fennel sausage rolls, their ginger tarts and their carrot cake (to name just a few of the most popular items).

Bourke Street Bakery is proof that small business can still thrive in this country, and that you can always achieve great things when you put in as much love, dedication and hard work as possible. 

To Drink

One of the first things I notice when I enter my local store at Kirrawee is the enticing drinks fridge. Inside you’ll find a range of tasty house made chilled drinks. They’ve got something to suit most tastes, including: iced chai, iced coffee, chocolate milk, pear and vanilla tea, old school lemonade and orange juice. All five drinks have a few simple ingredients (listed on the front of the bottle) which is a win for people who try to avoid unnecessary additives in food. The drinks themselves may be simple flavours, but they’re also classic, and sometimes original flavours are simply the best. Of course, they also sell hot drinks, including coffee and tea.

For Lunch or Breakfast

Their claims about quality ingredients and skilled bakers are no exaggeration, and that becomes clear when you taste the food. The bacon and egg frittata sandwich features perfectly smooth textured egg, well cooked bacon, caramelised onions, soft bread and sauce of your choice. It’s a gourmet bacon and egg roll and it’s my idea of an excellent breakfast or lunch. There are lots of other sandwiches and salads available, some vegetarian and some with a healthy serving of meat. Though, of course, being an Aussie bakery – these guys are most popular for their pastries, most notably their pies and sausage rolls. The gourmet pies, sausage rolls and pastries come in a variety of flavours and there are always vegetarian options. Keep an eye on Bourke Street Bakery’s social media (or just visit in-store!) to find out what specials are on, or to be the first to know when new products are added to line-up.

Sweet Treats

Once you’ve had lunch, you’ll definitely want to take something sweet home for later. I can personally recommend two classic offerings shown below – the carrot cake and the sour cherry and chocolate cookie. The carrot cake is full of flavour, and the cream cheese filling is thick and perfectly fit to compliment the light texture of the cake itself. The soft sour cherry and chocolate cookie is made up of complex flavours, certainly not for everybody – but for lovers of baked cherries and strong dark chocolate, this crackly cookie is an absolute winner. It’s also very big in size, so it’s fit for sharing between two. Personally, I love choosing two desserts and sharing both with somebody else, to maximise the amount of desserts tasted without over-indulging. Feel free to use my method and don’t hold me accountable for encouraging any sugar based addictions.

Though many Bourke Street Bakery stores are small in size, they’re big on flavour and quality – so these humble looking bakeries are well worth your time, even if there is a line out the door.

Also: Another great creation by the founders of Bourke Street Bakery is The Bread and Butter Project – Australia’ first social enterprise bakery, which you can read about by clicking here and find out where to purchase by clicking here (I would personally recommend ordering through Doorstep Organics – an organic grocery service.)


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