Spotlight On Top Juice

Stacks of freshly cut fruit, wholesome salads and a range of juices and smoothies to suit any taste. Top Juice is a healthy juice and smoothie bar that provides you with delicious food and drinks that won’t hurt your diet.

 About Top Juice

Top Juice started their business in Sydney, but they have since become a successful franchise with stores all over Sydney and in other states.

“Starting out as a family run fruit and vegetable shop in Sydney’s Double Bay in the early 1990’s, Top Juice has grown into a chain of funky juice and salad bars operating in Sydney and Melbourne, and now branching out into Queensland. Still owned by the original founder, Top Juice is famous for delivering delicious, healthy, and convenient food and juices made from only the freshest natural ingredients. Since launching our first juice bar in 2008, our goal has never changed. We always strive to give you the best – top quality, top freshness, Top Juice! ” *

*Quote taken from Top Juice’s website, click here to read more about them from the source.

So let’s talk about what their products taste like and why they’re worth your money.
(Though I haven’t tried everything that Top Juice has to offer, these are my personal favourites.)

Juice, Smoothies and Frappes

The variety and freshness of the juice is what sets Top Juice apart from their competitors. The key to choosing the right juice for you, is to simply pick one that involves your favourite fruit, or if you’re a sweet tooth – I would recommend anything with apple and/or pineapple. My favourite juice is The Pear Flair (Pear, Pineapple, Apple and Mint) – but beware, if you don’t like mint used in a sweet context, this juice won’t be the one for you. Though, one of the great things about Top Juice is that you can request more or less of a certain ingredient in your juice or smoothie, or even choose to omit it completely. I love the Pear Flair, but will often ask for a little less mint, and the friendly juice-maker is usually happy to help.

Now onto the smoothies. If you’re new to smoothies, you should probably start off with something simple like the ‘Tropical Banana’ or the ‘Paradise’ smoothie. Both taste like a healthier milkshake, Banana, Milk, Yoghurt and Honey for the Tropical Banana or Mango, Milk, Yoghurt and Honey for the Paradise. They’re both delicious. Though if you want to increase the fruit content, a step above the Tropical Banana with the addition of blueberries is the Blubana’ smoothie – my personal favourite.

Moving onto the frappes, the drink that I would recommend is the Two Seasons. The first thing I noticed about this frappe’s taste is how subtle the sweetness is. Even though it’s full of sweet fruits (strawberry, mango, apple), I was pleasantly surprised when the taste was clean and fruity, instead of being overly sweet. You can really taste the apple, and the texture of some strawberry seeds remain. Healthy fruit frappes are perfectly refreshing – good for summer or hot weather, but also great for times when you feel like a thick and fruity drink without wanting the dairy that comes with a smoothie.


The best salad that Top Juice offers would have to be their Grilled Chicken salad. This salad is delicious, filling, and full of healthy ingredients. Tasty as is, though if you’re lunching at home, I love to scoop it out onto thick toasted bread and enjoy it as a healthy, savoury toast topping.
The salad is made up of grilled chicken, zucchini slices, spinach leaves (not too many), pumpkin pieces, squash, black sesame seeds and a creamy mayo based dressing. Other salads on the menu don’t include chicken, so don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian. Two other great choices that I’ve tried are the eggplant, lentil and chickpea salad on the menu and the creamy broccoli salad. I usually just go with whatever looks best in the display cabinet, which is how I found my favourites – so I suggest you do the same.

It’s rare to find a food shop (especially a franchise) that uses few ingredients in their drinks and sources all their produce fresh. Top Juice is that store, and I would recommend them to everyone.

So if you’re been avoiding fruit and vegetables for a little too long and have started to feel down about your diet, or you want to indulge your sweet tooth in a healthy way – definitely take a walk or drive to your local Top Juice and see what they have to offer.

Find out which store is closest to you by clicking here. 

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