Suburbs Worth Exploring: Como

What makes a suburb worth exploring? I believe a suburb worth exploring is one that you can spend hours walking around in with plenty to see and do. Como is a particularly beautiful spot in the Sutherland Shire, that feels unlike the rest of the suburbs. Slightly secluded and beautiful. 

Something about Como has always felt exclusive to me. Beautiful parks, good quality food stops, and lots of water to gaze out at. A good place to walk around, either by yourself, with a friend or with a partner (or pet.)  After you’re done walking around, I encourage you to stop and eat somewhere – like The Waterfront Como Cafe on The Marina or at The Como Grill @ Como Hotel.

Como Pleasure Grounds

If you’re lucky, you might spot some interesting birds in the park – though I only managed to get a good photo of a local magpie. If the birds aren’t appearing, though, it’s still plenty enjoyable to walk the path through the park and soak in the fresh air. There are lots of interesting things to see on the grounds, and the walk back to Como station is one filled with views of clear skies, beautiful houses and lots of flowering trees. Even Como Station itself has a certain charm about it.

Como Hotel

Como Hotel is a great pub to stop at after you’ve done enough exploring for the day (or, you could go there first to fuel your day.) There are great views from the outdoor seating in the restaurant, and the food is affordable and delicious. Certainly worth your attention if you’re already in the area.

Como is such a lovely place to visit if you’re used to living in a busy, heavily populated area of Sydney. Here, there are no giant shopping centres, no busy supermarkets – just smaller businesses and lots of beautiful homes and plant life to look at.

Note: there may be sport being played on some of the fields on the weekend (which can make the area a lot busier). If that is the case, just head down to the park or marina and you’ll be able to find some quiet.

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