Winter Shopping Favourites

With the sudden onset of icy cold temperatures in Sydney and the beginning of Australian winter, I’ve been in search of the best quality winter fashion available. Here are my top 3 picks for where to shop.

My top 3 favourite places to look for winter clothes in Sydney:

  1. The number one place for stylish winter clothes I can personally recommend is Uniqlo. There are  several Uniqlo stores in Sydney including the Macquarie Centre, Midcity Centre and Miranda Westfield. You’ve probably seen those charming Uniqlo ads with catchy music, featuring people walking towards each other in a variety of Uniqlo jackets and coats. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or have never heard of Uniqlo, just know that they specialise in providing clothing for every change of season. Uniqlo has great winter materials available in store now, including blended wool coats, and down coats ranging from ultra light to ultra warm.
    Uniqlo also does a range of products called Heattech, and they are exactly what they sound like; Clothing formed with technology to keep you very warm and cosy.
    Check out the beautifully styled outerwear catalogue from their website by clicking here.

    In the left photo above below I wear a Uniqlo coat from a few seasons ago, which is light yet still warm. Nick is wearing a Rains coat + a sweater from The Academy Brand, both from Glue. I am wearing a long sleeve striped shirt from Glue in the featured photo. 

2. Second on my list is Glue Store. There are many Glue stores in Sydney, several in the CBD, one in Bondi Junction Westfield and one in Westfield Miranda. Glue is an excellent place to find big brands, although the prices are often high for designer clothes. Glue often have big sales and also offer rewards for members when you spend certain amounts. A great winter appropriate brand that Glue stocks is Danish brand Rains. Rains do waterproof clothing, hats and bags. When you think waterproof, you may be thinking of oversized rain ponchos, fluro raincoats and generally poor fitting clothes. Rains is nothing like that, bringing style to the water-resistant clothing category. Though the jackets themselves aren’t super warm, they will definitely keep you dry, which is certainly something valuable for winter.  Glue also has a range of thick coats for men and women, with options from Australian brand Vanishing Elephant or Sydney based brand Staple The Label. A great option for menswear at Glue is The Academy Brand.

3. General Pants Co is my third choice for good winter fashion. They have recently got in a lot of great winter stock, including knitwear, fleece sweatshirts, and some really good quality jackets and coats. Similar to Glue, General Pants also stock a lot of big brands. Luckily they have sales often, meaning you can usually get a good deal on designer items. If you’re not very familiar with General Pants, you may think they’re just a streetwear store, but they’re much more than that! The two brands I always look for in store are Subtitled and Agent Ninetynine, which are both General Pants exclusive brands and always have seasonally sensible options. This winter, Agent Ninety Nine has affordable skivvies and snood scarves, and Subtitled has lots of on trend items like high neck striped shirts, anorak jackets and corduroy skirts + pinafores (which can be layered to be winter-appropriate.) For good women’s coats, you can’t go wrong with The Fifth Label. And if money isn’t a problem and you like an edgier look, Ksubi is another great option for men and women.

My biggest tip of all for winter, regardless of where you buy your clothes, is to pay attention to what material your clothes are made of. Sometimes even designer brands don’t use the best materials, so always check if the price you’re paying is justified by good quality materials. Great winter materials to look out for on the label: Wool, corduroy, silk (as an under-layer) and fleece.

Happy first week of winter and stay warm, Sydney!
Comment your favourite winter stores or favourite winter pieces below, I’d love to hear from you.



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